The AquaScooter

I decided to have a go at modelling something in Carrara using the vertex modeler, as a change from the spline modeler, which I usually use. I started with a cube with subdivision surfaces and just kept extruding bits then pulling and prodding things around. Eventually I finished up with “The AquaScooter”. There are some more views of it in the Carrara gallery, which I also added today. I used Serif DrawPlus 6 to create the images for the logos.


Cottage Hideaway

Cottage Hideaway

Cottage Hideaway – Copyright May 2015 – Alan T Horwell

Carrara 8.5 Pro – A little place in the country. Apart from the fence (modified cubes) and the vegetation, most of the modelling was done with the spline modeler.This is one of my favourite modeling tools which I used years ago in Ray Dream Studio, and even earlier in a cut down version of RDS that was included with CorelDraw (version 8 I think). Once you use a tool a lot and you think about how to model something, your brain starts to show you the profiles that you will need to build the model. Well, mine does anyway.