The Advantages of Vector Art

The thing that I love about working with Expression, is that because it is a vector based program, it is possible to export at any resolution required

crop section

Crop from original drawing

This means that the same drawing can be used for a postcard or a poster. Here is a small crop from the original (see previous post), exported at a higher resolution. You can’t do that with Photoshop.


Toadstool Houses Revamp

Though I was quite pleased with the result I got from DrawPlus in the last post, I still think that I prefer Creature House Expression. So I decided to update the original drawing and this is the result. NewToadstoolHouses   Even though this program is no longer being supported it is still my number one drawing app. There is just nothing to beat the “Skeletal Stroke System” that this app uses. Even the Microsoft version isn’t as good, as they dropped out a lot of the features that I use all of the time. Incidentally you can now get the Microsoft version for free, as they are no longer developing it. If you have never used the Original version you may like this one. Give it a try, it won’t cost you anything.

Toadstool Houses

Toadstool Houses – Copyright May 2015 – Alan T Horwell

I decided to experiment some more with Serif DrawPlus X6 by recreating a drawing that I originally drew using Creature House Expression. I have added a few more details to this one. I am really impressed with this drawing program, especially considering that it is two versions behind the current one, and it only cost me $14.95. The original version of this picture can be seen here