School Building

Mill Lane Junior School – Serif DrawPlus X6

I got an email from Serif the other day and they had great specials on previous versions of their software. I picked up DrawPlus X6 for $14.95. I also bought the “DrawPlus X6 Resource Guide“, which had some great tutorials, covering many of the features of the program. Anyway this is my first solo effort with my new drawing package. I am really pleased with the app at such a bargain price.


Toadstool House

Toadstool House

Toadstool House – Copyright May 2015 – Alan T Horwell

Carrara 8.5 Pro – Except for the figure, which is an imported Poser model, all modeled in Carrara, with Carrara trees in the background and a photo of my back paddock behind those.

Cottage Hideaway

Cottage Hideaway

Cottage Hideaway – Copyright May 2015 – Alan T Horwell

Carrara 8.5 Pro – A little place in the country. Apart from the fence (modified cubes) and the vegetation, most of the modelling was done with the spline modeler.This is one of my favourite modeling tools which I used years ago in Ray Dream Studio, and even earlier in a cut down version of RDS that was included with CorelDraw (version 8 I think). Once you use a tool a lot and you think about how to model something, your brain starts to show you the profiles that you will need to build the model. Well, mine does anyway.

World Time Clock

World Time Clock

Xara Drawing – Even though it is basically a 2D drawing program, Xara Designer does have an extrude tool that lets you create, modify and rotate 3D shapes. If you have the skill and the patience you can create an image like this, or, you can do as I did and follow this fantastic tutorial on the Xara Xone

That is the beauty of Xara Designer, it can be used to create anything from cartoons to realistic images like this one. It can also be used to create web pages and manipulate photographs. Truly an all in one design package. Check it out at the Xara Web Site where you can download 30 day trials of all their apps.

The Alanti UniPad

Here’s one that I created way back in 2011, but never got around to posting it to my website. It was done in Serif DrawPlus V4.


I think that I was planning on making a handful of drawings, then posting them to a new DrawPlus gallery. I got sidetracked and never got around to doing that. Actually I only did a few drawings in DrawPlus. I was quite impressed with it especially at the low price compared with many graphics packages. Now that I have plenty of free time I must get back to it and find out just what it is capable of.

Moving “Alan’s Image Factory” to a WordPress Blog


I have had my site ( for many years, and for most of those it was used as a teaching aid for my multimedia classes at TAFE. Now that I have retired, I don’t really need the hassles involved in maintaining a full blown site. I had converted most of it to CSS formatted pages a few years back, but now the site needs to be made responsive to look good on all of the different devices. This is a task that I honestly don’t think I can be bothered with.

When I bought my first iPad, I decided to use a WordPress blog to display the images created on it. It is a lot easier to add a post to a blog and I don’t need to worry about the site being accessible on different size screens, it is all taken care of automatically.

I will leave the old site running as long as the stats show that it is being accessed. I will probably copy some of the popular pages into this blog, as well as adding the new stuff.