Moving “Alan’s Image Factory” to a WordPress Blog


I have had my site ( for many years, and for most of those it was used as a teaching aid for my multimedia classes at TAFE. Now that I have retired, I don’t really need the hassles involved in maintaining a full blown site. I had converted most of it to CSS formatted pages a few years back, but now the site needs to be made responsive to look good on all of the different devices. This is a task that I honestly don’t think I can be bothered with.

When I bought my first iPad, I decided to use a WordPress blog to display the images created on it. It is a lot easier to add a post to a blog and I don’t need to worry about the site being accessible on different size screens, it is all taken care of automatically.

I will leave the old site running as long as the stats show that it is being accessed. I will probably copy some of the popular pages into this blog, as well as adding the new stuff.