I have been using computers as a hobby since 1972, to earn a living since 1980 and have been teaching computing for over twenty years, mainly in the areas of Programming, Computer Graphics, Animation, 3D Modelling and Web Design, as well as the more mundane activities like Word Processing, Spreadsheets and Database Creation (I must admit that I preferred the Multimedia stuff the best)

I created my original site as a teaching aid for my multimedia courses. This meant that keeping it up to date was a way of demonstrating to students new web design methods as they were introduced. However, now that I have retired, it is more of a chore to keep updating the old site, which has grown rather large. It also doesn’t work too well on phones, of course when I created it, nobody was silly enough to think it possible to browse the internet on a mobile phone.

A few years ago when I bought my first iPad, I created a WordPress blog to display images created using the tablet. This was very easy to do and involved a lot less work, and I could even post to my blog directly from the iPad. Another advantage is that I don’t have to worry about how things will look on any device, as the WordPress theme takes care of all that.

So because using WordPress makes things so much easier, I have decided to slowly move my old site over here. The old site will be kept open as long as the stats show that it is still being accessed.


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